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About Jamia



JNE has a spacious play ground which caters to the need of all students in all the sister institutions in the campus. Football, Cricket, Volleyball and such major and minor games are being played by students and staff of the institutions. Separate playground for girls is also available. Friendly matches […]


Language Lab

In this era of IT, where the world is dynamically evolving into a Virtual Global Village, communicating effectively is the key to success. Language is very often the barrier for effective communication whether it is doing business with foreign nations, pursuing academic goals overseas or taking up lucrative job offers […]




Informatics Center

JNE Informatics Centre was established in 2000. Vocational Training for the JNE students are provided in the Informatics Centre. This centre has sufficient hardware and softwares that can be fruitfully utilized by the students for their academic growth. DTP, Accounting Packages, web designing etc can be studied using the facilities […]


Student Hostels

JNE provide separate hostel accommodation facility for men and women. There are 3 mens hostels and 4 womens hostels at JNE campus providing accommodation for around 1000 students. The hostel facility is being utilized by the students coming from the lenghth and breadth of Kerala, neighbouring states and lakshadweep. JNE […]


Campus Masjid


Finance Committee

Chairman   Director Jamia Nadwiyya : Chairman Members   Dr. M Abdul Azeez (FO) Sri. P.V.Hasan Sri .Noor Mohammed Noorsha Sri M.Shoukath


Planning and Monitoring Committee

Chairman Director, Jamia Nadwiyya, Edavanna Members Prof. P.Abdul Azeez Sri. P.K.M.Abdul Qadir Master Sri. P.V.Hasan Prof. C.Abdussalam Prof. Mohammed Ahammed Farooqi Prof. M.Abdulla Sri. T.P.Abdulla Koya Madani Dr. K.Shoukath Ali Dr.N.Yunus


Academic council

Chairman: Director, Jamia Nadwiyya, Edavanna  Members   Dr. M.T.Abdussathar Dean, Faculty of Language and Literature Prof. C. Abdussalam Dean, Faculty of Education Dr. P.K.Abdul Razak Dean, Faculty of Theology Dr. K.T. Fadhlulla Dean, Faculty of Islamic Studies and Social Sciences Prof. P.Abdul Azeez Dean, Faculty of Science Prof. P.Abdu Dean, […]


Board of Management

A.P Abdul Khader Moulavi (Rtd. Principal) President Prof. M. Abdurahiman Salafi Director Dr. M.T Abdussathar, M.A PhD Dean, Faculty of Language & Literature Prof. C. Abdussalam MA., M.Phil, M.Ed Dean, Faculty of Education Prof. P. Abdul Azeez M.Sc, Dean, Faculty of Science P.K.M Abdul Quadir Master Rtd. Dy.Director of Education […]