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Facts & History



The emblem of Jamia Nadwiyya is a pictorial representation of its holistic vision. It corresponds with the educational mission of Kerala Nadvathul Mujahideen (KNM), to whose pioneering efforts and sustained support this institution owes its genesis and progress. The light house at the apex is a symbol of divine guidance […]


Policy & Motto

THE MOTTO OF JAMIA NADWIYYA The motto of Jamia Nadwiyya is engraved on its emblem. It is to make sincere endeavors for promoting and propagating the principles and teaching of the holy Qur’an for which Prophet Mohammed worked during his life time: “to lead mankind unto light from darkness”. Towards […]


Mission & Vision

VISION To evolve into a premier Arabic university, molding eminent academicians and professionals with innovative ideas, sound practical knowledge and excellent communication skills and to shape a future where moral values works for the betterment of mankind. Vision for a decade Jamia Nadwiyya has chalked out a ten years of […]



Jamia Nadwiyya is a Muslim minority institution established and maintained by the Kerala Nadwathul Mujahidheen (KNM). Its vision is to develop as an Arabic University of International standard. The role of classical languages such as Persian and Arabic in preserving the cultural heritage, maintaining social harmony and national unity needs […]