About Us


Higher Education, Higher Purpose

Educational innovations pave way for educational excellence. Unless an educational institution becomes innovative; it cannot contribute to the development of the nation. Trendsetting in the field of education is a difficult task. Enormous efforts have been made the world over to enhance and sustain quality. Innovations in instructional techniques such as the use of new technologies in the classroom are being tried. Smart rooms and active learning classrooms are being set up. A digital library is already started though it needs a lot of refurbishment. In order to create an eco-friendly education environment, the JNE campus is now going green with the addition of a rich herbal garden and a stock of animals. Innovations in recruiting teachers, their placement, development and assessment are being redesigned and implemented.

Our Vision

To become an internationally reputed centre of excellence in the areas of nurturing and creating world-class leaders and high-quality human resources inculcating Islamic values to serve humankind and our nation.

Our Mission

Establishing and maintaining distinctive Islamic and other educational institutions with the scope to study and learn up to post graduate and research levels with a collaborative approach in terms of seeking knowledge in order to achieve comprehensive elegance in the promotion of Islamic values and human integrity.

Management Team