Jamia Nadwiyya Emblem

The emblem of JNE is a pictorial representation of its holistic vision. It corresponds with the educational mission of Kerala Nadwathul Mujahideen (KNM), the founder organization of JNE. The lighthouse at the apex is a symbol of divine guidance that suggests the organizational commitment to "empowerment through education" and its optimism about the ultimate victory over all forces of darkness. The open book symbolizes the Quran that advocates knowledge acquisition. It serves as the foundation of all: institutional activities of JNE. The name Jamia Nadwiyya Edavanna is etched in English Alphabet on the periphery of a circle which represents the globe we live in. The Arabic calligraphy shows the linguistic and cultural orientation of the institution and the dissemination of Islamic values in a profound manner. This also manifests the close Indo-Saracen ties that prevailed in India for centuries. The open Holy Book contains the Quranic verse "I desire naught save reform so far as I am able". It implies that the extension of service to society is more important than any change brought out in the individual. JNE looks forward to a paradigm shift in the attitude towards society.